The Verdon Canyon is the second largest natural canyon in the world, after the Grand Canyon in the USA. In parts the power of the torrent over the millennia has dug away to make it over 300 meters deep. The village of Aiguines is located at the opening to this canyon, sat high on the cliff tops overlooking the clear blue waters of the Sainte-Croix Lake. Please visit our printable map for an exact location.

The village, although calm and relatively small, has a number of historical monuments, like its 17th century castle and the village chapel. Once reputed for its woodturning, Aiguines still has one remaining workshop/museum, which covers the history of this art form, popular in the 18th century.

Within a few kilometres a wide range of activities are available ranging from beach and water activities on the lake (pedalos, sailing, wind-surfing and fishing) to white-knuckle sports such as bungee jumping, white-water rafting and Hydro speed, parascending, hang-gliding and climbing. Otherwise the natural beauty of the surrounding area is sure to be enough for those looking for a more tranquil séjour.

In addition the village has a number of restaurants, bars and cafés for both evenings out watching the sunset over the lake or a quick lunchtime drink in the shade of the main square.